Cliff Wilt


For many years Cliff has been helping people make dramatic and life-long shifts, work through problems and overcome hurdles in their life. Along with several years as Director of a “Teen Challenge” program center, clients include people at various stages of their personal and professional life as well as anyone else who wants to discover their passion, or take themselves to a higher level of achievement.

Cliff’s coaching style is conversational, collaborative, and solution-orientated. He uses strategies that are based in hard science and experience along with how our brains form habits and patterns of behavior to perform for the clients advantage.

After first gaining an understanding and awareness of your challenges and/or reasons why you’re stuck, Cliff provides you with clear, easy-to-do action steps and joins forces with you to focus on implementing an effective breakthrough strategy for achieving your goals.

Cliff incorporates a partnership of Psychology, Strategic Intervention Principles, and the intensive training that’s required to become certified as a Professional Life Coach. He is Your experienced partner who is totally committed to your success no matter what stage or place of life you are at.

Cliff’s passion and expertise is guiding people into recognition of the intrinsic value they possess within for accomplishing whatever it is they desire.

When it comes to a successful personal and/or professional life; Cliff firmly believes that …

Everything Hinges On … Relationships!

Certified Professional Life Coach
Strategic Intervention Coach
NLP Practitioner
Published Author



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