Your Success Will Need Help!

16 Jan

We live in an age of DIY or ‘do-it-yourself’. Is your computer acting up? There’s a ‘hack’ to fix it. Want to do your own taxes? There’s an app to get you started. Want to update your kitchen? No problem! Take that seminar at the local home improvement center?

There’s no question that the DIY movement has meant great advances in our lives – increasing our sense of self-reliance, building our confidence, and allowing us the opportunity to be creative problem solvers.

But sometimes DIY (Do-It- Yourself) can actually become DYI (Do-Yourself-In).  It feels like an obligation or societal expectation – as if somehow, if we don’t tackle something without help, it’s a sign of weakness, incompetence, or a character flaw. We start to despise the idea of anything or anyone having a portion of credit for our success. We are stuck in the mindset of being ‘Self-Made’. Self-Made is not possible. It diminishes the value of the many building blocks necessary for personal success and achievement. There’s nothing wrong with being the proverbial jack-of-all-trades, but all of us need support at some point. Here are a few tips for help through the process.

  • NETWORK – Seeking support for your goals can be an opportunity to maximize your potential. When others take on tasks you either don’t like or don’t excel at, and they do, it frees you up to do the things you love to do – the things you’re great at doing. Getting support increases your chances of success, often with much less effort and stress. It’s allowing others to take part doing what they do best, so that you can focus your time and energy on doing what you do best.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY – Struggling with commitment? Feel your motivation waning? Lacking the knowledge or expertise? Get a coach or mentor to guide, encourage, and keep you accountable. There are many people who’ve actually ‘been there, done that’ that you can go to for information or advice.  Or perhaps you need someone to look after the kids while you take a night school class or some other self-improvement activity. Sure it can feel great, rolling up your sleeves and accomplishing your goals from the sweat of your own efforts. But as I said earlier, we all need support at some point.
  • LEVERAGE – Control your time and maximize your energy. There’s no shame in calling in and giving credit to reinforcements when the time calls for it, in fact, it’s a sign of strength. Because reaching your dreams will never be accomplished as a DIY project. There is no such thing as singular success achievement. In the end we realize we’ve never really accomplished anything alone. There is always someone, somewhere, who has done something that we needed, for some reason, to accomplish our success. Get excited about outside sources being involved with your success in life.

Excitedly look for and appreciate all the different ways that you will need and receive help achieving your personal success!



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