How do you handle rocky circumstances in relationships?

28 Feb

Rocky Circumstances


The path of least resistance in relationships sometimes seems like the right way to go, however, muscles we will need will not be usable because that strength was lost due to lack of exercise.  One of those exercises involves communication.  The way we communicate with someone is the way we can expect return communication from them.

Here are some things to remember when it comes to communication:

1. Who is involved?

Remember that you are talking to a person such as yourself with the same rights as you have:

  • The right to speak
  • The right to be heard
  • The right to be understood

2. He said, she said

Everyone has a right to their own opinion and to be validated in it. So a compromise is not a bad thing, and sometimes the best solution.

3. Watch the volume

Yelling means you are out of resources and not capable of continuing the discussion.

4. Time out

It is okay to not always come to a solution right away. Sometimes the best outcome is achieved by taking a break, and revisiting the discussion at another time.

5. You catch more bees with honey

No matter what it is about, be kind. Especially in partner relationships where we are emotionally involved, we can quickly lose sight of the fact that the other person is not your enemy but someone who also wants what is best to equip, advance, and strengthen the relationship.

6. No illegal entry

Do not interrupt. You cannot respond appropriately if you do not know and understand all the facts.

7. How do I look?

Physiology is as important as words.  Nervous movements, rolling eyes, crossing arms, negative facial expressions, etc. have to be kept in check if you expect positive results from your communication.




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